Scam Alert Notice

It has been brought to our attention that there are a few scam websites falsely made under our name in Mainland China and overseas, which include:

1. Illegal and improper use of our logos and information copied from our official websites without our authorization; and publishing fake news/information in our name;

2. Construction of a false investment and wealth management service platform in our name, which solicits for business/investment cooperation; and

3. Impersonation of our staff members.

We hereby declare that the above-mentioned fraudulent acts are in no way connected with us. In order to protect our rights, we have already reported these fraudulent cases to the police. We shall hold the offenders legally liable for our loss and damages (including any damage to our reputation) caused by those fraudulent acts.

We would like to caution the public to be vigilant and take reasonable precaution when encountering such websites as participation (in such websites) may result in identity theft or other fraud.

If you receive any suspicious communications/message sent to you in our name, please contact us at (+852) 2615 1488 for verification .

Thank you very much.

Oriental Technology Limited
28 May 2020