Recently, we have found that some criminals have been carrying out fraudulent activities in the name of the OTL GROUP in mainland cities and overseas countries. Their activities mainly include:

1. Without authorization from the Group, they use the information of the Group’s official website without permission, imitate the appearance and logo of the official website of the Group, and establish fraudulent webpages;

2. They establish false investment and financial services platforms in the name of the Group, illegally collect funds from the society in the name of crowdfunding to buy cars, and defraud money and property;

3. They pretend to be the employees of the Group to conduct customer service reception, etc.

OTL GROUP hereby solemnly declares that the Group has not established any crowdfunding, investment and financial services platform, and confirms that the above fraudulent activities have nothing to do with the Group.

The Group has reported the above fraudulent activities to the police.For the illegal activities of the above fraud, if any economic or reputation losses are caused to the Group, the Group will pursue legal liability through all legal channels. If you receive any suspicious communications or information suspected of the above activities, you should report them to the police immediately.

We invite investors and partners to enhance their awareness of identification and beware of being deceived.For any inquiries or questions, please contact the Group at (+852) 2615 1488.

We hereby declare.


May 28, 2020

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